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Warning: Do Not Call Any Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Until You Read This!


Were you injured at work? Did you break your leg when the scaffold fell? Did you trip and fall and rupture a disk? Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer! You need a lawyer who will be involved in every part of your case - from beginning to end. That way you will get more benefits and more money for the final settlement. Lawyers who do not pay attention to you until it is time for the final settlement will cost you money and benefits.
You will get a meeting with me, not my paralegal: Many lawyers have a paralegal interview their clients. I will meet with you personally in my office, your home, or the hospital. We will talk in detail about how you were injured, what your injuries are, and where you were injured.

You will get your claim filed, immediately. I will file your claim in Maryland, D.C. or Virginia. Usually, I will file the claim in the State where you were injured.

You will get your case reported to the insurance company, immediately. I will call the insurance company that represents your employer. The insurance company pays the benefits for the employer. I will give them all the details of the accident and your injury. I will send your medical records and disability slips so that you get paid fast. You will get 2/3 of your salary. Lots of lawyers will leave it to the insurance company to figure out what your average wage is. That means you might lose money. I want to see your paycheck stubs. If you have worked a lot of overtime, you get more money each week and more money for the final settlement.
You will get a referral to a good doctor, one that will help you, and help your case. Your employer does not want to pay a lot of money in benefits. They will send you to a doctor that will destroy your case. I know many good doctors in all areas of medicine. I will send you to a doctor that I know and trust. I went to medical school and understand what medical treatment you need depending on your injury. You get a doctor who will give you excellent medical care and will not request any money from you.

You will get a hearing requested immediately if the insurance company refuses to pay your salary or refuses to pay your doctor. Sometimes an insurance company will not refuse to pay but will delay too long in giving me an answer. Lots of lawyers will let the insurance company delay in making payments. It is too much work for them to file for a hearing or go to court. I will give insurance companies three days. If I do not receive an answer I treat it like they denied you benefits and I request a formal hearing.
You can get vocational rehabilitation benefits where you have suffered a permanent injury and your doctor says that you cannot return to your regular job. The insurance will pay for a vocational counselor to help you find a light duty job and they will pay for training that you might need so that you can get a light duty job.
You get an award of money once you have recovered from the injury but have permanent disability. I will send you to a doctor who I know will give you a fair disability rating. The insurance company has the right to send you to their doctor. They will send you to a doctor who will give a disability rating that is much lower then your true disability. I will use the disability rating given by your doctor to get the best possible settlement.
You get a hearing when the settlement offer by the insurance company is too low. Lots of lawyers will push you to take a settlement offer that is too low. That way they save time and money by not going to court. I will fight to get you every last penny that you are entitled to.

You do not need any money to hire me. If I do not win, you do not pay me. The Commission will order my fees paid as a percentage of the money I earn for you. Attorney’s fees work differently in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia. I will explain this to you in more detail depending on where I file your claim.

To protect your claim for benefits you must report the injury to your employer immediately. If you don’t report the accident right away you could lose your right to claim benefits. Get names, addresses and telephone numbers of all witnesses to your injury. You will need witnesses if your employer claims that your injury was not accidental.

I represented one man that was injured while dismantling a large navy ship in Baltimore harbor.
He is a married man in his late 40s with a wife and children. He was in a cargo container catching 50-100 pound bags of wet asbestos with his coworkers. The bottom of the container was covered with wet plastic. As he lifted a 50 pound bag of asbestos to throw to his coworker, his foot slipped on the plastic. He felt his lower back rip and felt pain running down his legs. He caught his balance and did not fall. He continued working for another ten minutes and the pain became too unbearable to continue working.
At that time in Maryland, an injured worker could not get benefits if the injury was not an accident. My client slipped on the wet plastic. The slipping is considered an accident in Maryland. Of course, he did not understand how important that fact was. If he hurt his back simply lifting the bag, but did not slip, he would not qualify for benefits under the law at that time.
He told his doctor that he hurt his back lifting a bag of asbestos. His statement was in the doctor’s medical records. The insurance company refused to pay him benefits. No lawyer would take his case because it appeared that the injury was not accidental. I spent an hour with him having him describe how the accident happened. He never told me that he slipped. He just did not think that detail was important. Finally, I was able to establish that the slipping caused the back injury. I sent him to one of my doctors and told him how important it was that he tell the doctor every little detail of how he was injured.
We had the hearing in Baltimore. The employer called one witness. I got that witness to admit that he was busy working and did not pay attention to whether my client slipped or not. My client did not speak English and the first doctor did not speak Spanish. I was able to show the judge that he should not pay attention to my client’s first description of how the injury occurred because of the communication barrier. We won. The insurance company was so angry, they filed an appeal. Finally, they dropped the appeal and paid my client all of his benefits.
We had no witnesses on our side, but we won anyway. Make sure you get your witnesses so you can fight back, if the insurance denies your claim. When you are injured, don’t keep working. Stop work immediately and report the injury to your supervisor. Go to the hospital and tell the hospital workers in detail how the accident happened. Call (301) 270-0327 today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. I will discuss the case with you and analyze your situation. I will be able to tell you if your employer is insured by a company that has a reputation for helping injured workers or fighting hard not to pay benefits to injured workers. I will give you the names and addresses of the doctors that you should consult with that will give you excellent medical care and help you with your case. I will tell you how you need to proceed in your case to make sure you can get all the benefits that are available to you. I will answer your questions and concerns about how to proceed in your case.

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