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Cancer Misdiagnosis

The effects of a cancer misdiagnosis are devastating. Imagine being told that you had cancer. You might have had unnecessary surgeries and months of chemotherapy with its side effects only to find out that your doctor had made a cancer misdiagnosis. At first, you would be grateful to be alive but what about all of the misery you endured?


The opposite misdiagnosis can be even more devastating. Suppose you had gone for testing and the physician told you that you are healthy. You think everything is fine but cancer is growing and spreading through your body. By the time it is found it your life expectancy could be seriously decreased even if threatment is able to get the cancer into remission.


In both situations a person has a right to compensation. Mary Buonanno attended medical school and understands how physicians think and how mistakes are made by physicians. She understands how to present a meritorious case to get results. No one should have to suffer the physical and emotional trauma of cancer misdiagnosis.


Did Medical Negligence Lead to Cancer Misdiagnosis?

A misdiagnosis may be made by the physician that analyzed the radiograph, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammogram or laboratory test. When the diagnosis is wrong, delayed or altogether missed, and the doctor has fallen below an accepted standard of care resulting in injury to the patient, the matter should be investigated for medical malpractice and pursued,

Winning a Cancer Misdiagnosis Case

In order to win a cancer misdiagnosis case, you must prove that your cancer should have been diagnosed at an earlier stage.  The most important aspect of any misdiagnosis case involves the type of cancer.  It is not enough that the physician ignored certain symptoms or failed to properly interpret or follow up on a diagnostic test.  Successful recovery requires evidence that an earlier diagnosis would have led to a significantly different and improved outcome.  Since some cancers, such as pancreatic, ovarian, or "small cell" lung cancers have very poor outcomes regardless of when they are diagnosed, medical malpractice claims involving these types of cancers cannot prove that earlier diagnosis would have led to an improved outcome.

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